– website changes

As part of the changes to Think Leicestershire in 2014, the project website has been given a bit of a revamp.

A number of Think Leicestershire members felt that the old site was too complicated to use and that while it was brilliant if you had the time to learn to use it properly, at first glance or for casual use, it didn’t do what you wanted it to.

With this is mind, the website has been taken back to basics and will be used, going forward, as more of an information point to encourage people to join the project or update existing members on the Think Leicestershire’s current activities.

Some key changes:

  • The thinking tools have been replaced with a page that gives more information about iCheev – Go Mad Thinking’s online creative thinking tool – which is now available for free to anyone who gets involved with the project.
  • The groups and meeting planning sections have been removed and will later be replaced with a seperate forum website for Think Leicestershire members.

The web address remains the same and can be found by clicking the link below or typing Think Leicestershire into any Internet search engine.

Share your feedback on the changes by emailing us on

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