Think. Work.

Last month outlined some of the exciting developments that Think Leicestershire would start to see in 2014. Chief of these being the additional support the project would start to offer to people who really need it.

The first of these developments is now starting to come to life with a programme of support aimed at helping unemployed people from economically deprived areas to be better equipped to find work.

Called Think. Work., the programme combines everything Think Leicestershire offers with volunteering and social entrepreneurship to help people define employment goals and develop the skills needed to gain work.

Think. Work. will need the support of the existing Think Leicestershire community to enable it to make a difference to as many unemployed people as possible.

If any trained coaches would like to know how they can get involved with this hugely important piece of work, please do get in touch.

Equally, if you haven’t yet been through the training but are interested in supporting people to find employment, contact the project team and they will explain how you can start to make a difference in this area.

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