Think. Work.

Last month outlined some of the exciting developments that Think Leicestershire would start to see in 2014. Chief of these being the additional support the project would start to offer to people who really need it.

The first of these developments is now starting to come to life with a programme of support aimed at helping unemployed people from economically deprived areas to be better equipped to find work.

Called Think. Work., the programme combines everything Think Leicestershire offers with volunteering and social entrepreneurship to help people define employment goals and develop the skills needed to gain work.

Think. Work. will need the support of the existing Think Leicestershire community to enable it to make a difference to as many unemployed people as possible.

If any trained coaches would like to know how they can get involved with this hugely important piece of work, please do get in touch.

Equally, if you haven’t yet been through the training but are interested in supporting people to find employment, contact the project team and they will explain how you can start to make a difference in this area.

Click below to get in touch:

Contact us

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Coaching Wins

Each issue of Think Leicestershire E-News will highlight an example of great coaching to demonstrate that, no matter how big or small the topic is, helping people to think differently has a real impact on the things that matter.

This example is from one of our Community Coaches based in North West Leicestershire:

“My son’s girlfriend had been unable to find work since graduating almost a year ago.

She had a good degree and was willing to work hard but suffered terribly with poor self-confidence during interviews.

I used the Go MAD methods I had learned on the training to help her define a goal around improving her confidence in that sort of situation. Her actions to achieve this included taking mock interviews and volunteering for a befriending scheme.

She got a job as a support advisor for a legal support organisation 3 weeks ago and is looking forward to her first pay day”

Share your wins:

Contact us

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Think Leicestershire Training

The latest round of Think Leicestershire training happened last Thursday, 27th March. 13 people came along to learn how to use the Go MAD Thinking approach to make a difference to the things that are really important.

Feedback received from the training so far:

“The trainer, Mark, was so full of energy. A real live-wire. He explained everything brilliantly and left me excited to try the things I’d learned”

“I really found the coaching training very useful and practical and have been taking the opportunity to put it into practise where I can”

“I really enjoyed the GoMad training and think that it is a really valuable approach.

If you would like details about future training, click below:

Contact us

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Coaching in the VCS

Voluntary Action Leicestershire (VAL), one of the partners behind Think Leicestershire, is planning to offer coaching to the organisations it supports.

VAL works with not-for-profit organisations throughout the City and County, supporting them to improve the lives of vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised people throughout Leicestershire.

If you are interested in volunteering some of your time to support the Voluntary and Community Sector to create even more differences, please click below to find out how.

Contact us

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Think Leicestershire in 2014 – Measuring Our Results

Tell us about your Think Leicestershire experience…

Anyone who knows the Go Mad approach will understand that measuring the impact of what you’ve undertaken is an important aspect of creating success.

Think Leicestershire is now into its 2nd year and the project team are spending some time enacting this vital top tier of the Thinking Framework by measuring the results of the actions put in place in 2013.

Think Leicestershire is therefore asking all trained Community Coaches for some feedback about their experience of the project so far and, just as importantly, whether they still feel a strong personal motivation to continue to support the project in the future.

The link below isto a very short, 10 question survey. The survey should only take around 5 minutes to complete and the information it gathers will help us continue to support and improve communities throughout the county.

If you are a trained Community Coach, please click here to give us some feedback – Think Leicestershire in 2014 survey

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Think Leicestershire Training – Thursday 27 March 2014

The next round of Think Leicestershire training will commence next month with a session on Thursday 27 March 2014.

The session is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to use the hugely successful and world renowned Go MAD Thinking Framework to solve problems, generate creative solutions, and think differently about how to make a difference to the things they care most about.

The session will teach people to use coaching techniques to turn ideas into time focussed goals and action plans. The techniques learned can be used to self-coach or help others achieve more.

Interested? Follow the below link and sign up or call Vincent on 0116 257 4985.

Feedback from past trainees:

“it completely changed the way I thought about the problems in my local community. Before, they seemed too large for me to bother getting involved with. Now I realise that by getting others to help me and by exploring more than the usual possibilities, I can help change the area I live in”

“Great training. Practical examples and techniques. I’m looking forward to coaching my friends and colleagues.”

“Think Leicestershire helped me go from wanting to do something to actually doing it.”

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As part of the changes to Think Leicestershire in 2014, the project website has been given a bit of a revamp.

A number of Think Leicestershire members felt that the old site was too complicated to use and that while it was brilliant if you had the time to learn to use it properly, at first glance or for casual use, it didn’t do what you wanted it to.

With this is mind, the website has been taken back to basics and will be used, going forward, as more of an information point to encourage people to join the project or update existing members on the Think Leicestershire’s current activities.

Some key changes:

  • The thinking tools have been replaced with a page that gives more information about iCheev – Go Mad Thinking’s online creative thinking tool – which is now available for free to anyone who gets involved with the project.
  • The groups and meeting planning sections have been removed and will later be replaced with a seperate forum website for Think Leicestershire members.

The web address remains the same and can be found by clicking the link below or typing Think Leicestershire into any Internet search engine.

Share your feedback on the changes by emailing us on

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New Year, New(ish) Think Leicestershire

2013 was a great year for Think Leicestershire, with people across the city and county using the Go Mad Thinking Framework to make a real difference in the communities they live in.

But, as anyone that has been through Think Leicestershire training will know, after you’ve taken action and started to achieve success, it’s important to  measure the impact of what you’ve achieved and assess the ‘reason why’ you’re making the differences you are working towards.

For the last month or so, Think Leicestershire has been doing exactly that. As a result of this latest planning phase, some decisions have been made about the future of the project that slightly changes the focus of what Think Leicestershire is all about. The core values of improving the lives of the people of Leicestershire remain the same and for 2014 the project will direct more time, effort and great thinking at those that really need it.

One of the major changes is that, from January, Voluntary Action Leicestershire (VAL) has taken on the responsibility of leading Think Leicestershire. Go MAD Thinking remain a vital part of the project and their thinking techniques still underpin everything that Think Leicestershire delivers. However, VAL, with its strong links into the most in need sections of society, will now guide the activities of the project towards the most vulnerable and marginalised.

Think Leicestershire remains a unique and exciting cross-sector partnership, bringing together Voluntary Action Leicestershire, Go MAD Thinking and Leicestershire County Council.

Future editions of E-News will provide more details about the work being done to help those that really need it. But, just to give you a flavour of the thinking to date, Think Leicestershire will:

  • Improve chances for unemployed people to find work (especially those far from being work-ready)
  • Work with communities to help them take on services that the public sector can no longer afford to deliver
  • Help communities come together to support their most vulnerable members
  • Work with people who have seen changes to their state support begin to think differently about their choices.

Alongside this work, Think Leicestershire will continue to train anyone who wants to get involved and will continue to firmly support all of the existing networks – such as Thinking Action Groups.

If you want to know more or you would like to make a difference in the lives of people that really need support, become a Think Leicestershire member today

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iCheev Pro – From us to you…




Go MAD Thinking, the organisation behind Think Leicestershire, has a new on-line interactive thinking platform -  iCheev – which helps individuals and groups achieve better results faster through accelerated thinking.

The platform comes in two guises – a free version, available to anyone and a professional version available for a fee.

As a thank you to our amazing community and to enable Think Leicestershire to achieve even more for the city and county, we are giving a professional version of iCheev to all of our current and future Community Coaches and Difference Makers.

Your free iCheev will be coming to you in November and future editions of E-News will include some top tips to help you get the most from the platform. There is nothing you need to do but if you would like a preview of iCheev then take a look at

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Introducing the Difference Makers

From November onwards Think Leicestershire is offering a free support package to anyone in the city or the county who is passionate about changing something for the better and committed to taking action – these people are the Difference Makers!

The difference between a Community Coach and a Difference Maker is simple:

- Community Coaches are trained to help others with their thinking;
- Difference Makers are supported to use the Thinking Framework to tackle an issue they are inspired by.

The role of Difference Maker has been introduced to Think Leicestershire for 3 reasons :

  1. To give Community Coaches the chance to work with passionate people who really want to make a change.
  2. To expand the reach of the project to those that don’t want to be a coach.
  3. To provide Community Coaches opportunities to use their new coaching skills.

We at Think Leicestershire feel this is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle that unites Coaches with people who want to make a difference in their lives. From November onwards Difference Makers will be able to use the Think Leicestershire website to ask for support and Coaches will be able to volunteer their time to get involved.

So if you know of someone who is a potential Difference Maker, all they have to do is to register at

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