New Year, New(ish) Think Leicestershire

2013 was a great year for Think Leicestershire, with people across the city and county using the Go Mad Thinking Framework to make a real difference in the communities they live in.

But, as anyone that has been through Think Leicestershire training will know, after you’ve taken action and started to achieve success, it’s important to  measure the impact of what you’ve achieved and assess the ‘reason why’ you’re making the differences you are working towards.

For the last month or so, Think Leicestershire has been doing exactly that. As a result of this latest planning phase, some decisions have been made about the future of the project that slightly changes the focus of what Think Leicestershire is all about. The core values of improving the lives of the people of Leicestershire remain the same and for 2014 the project will direct more time, effort and great thinking at those that really need it.

One of the major changes is that, from January, Voluntary Action Leicestershire (VAL) has taken on the responsibility of leading Think Leicestershire. Go MAD Thinking remain a vital part of the project and their thinking techniques still underpin everything that Think Leicestershire delivers. However, VAL, with its strong links into the most in need sections of society, will now guide the activities of the project towards the most vulnerable and marginalised.

Think Leicestershire remains a unique and exciting cross-sector partnership, bringing together Voluntary Action Leicestershire, Go MAD Thinking and Leicestershire County Council.

Future editions of E-News will provide more details about the work being done to help those that really need it. But, just to give you a flavour of the thinking to date, Think Leicestershire will:

  • Improve chances for unemployed people to find work (especially those far from being work-ready)
  • Work with communities to help them take on services that the public sector can no longer afford to deliver
  • Help communities come together to support their most vulnerable members
  • Work with people who have seen changes to their state support begin to think differently about their choices.

Alongside this work, Think Leicestershire will continue to train anyone who wants to get involved and will continue to firmly support all of the existing networks – such as Thinking Action Groups.

If you want to know more or you would like to make a difference in the lives of people that really need support, become a Think Leicestershire member today

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