Overcoming Personal Challenges

A Leicester City Resident named Angela* used the Think Leicestershire methodology to help her tackle a personal issue.

Angela had wanted to set up her own business for years. She believed in her idea, but had always been too scared to take the plunge.

Using methods she learned at Think Leicestershire, she wrote a goal for establishing her business and formed an action plan to work towards that goal.

However, when she went on to the next step in the Go M.A.D.®  Thinking System and reviewed her goal, she began to question whether or not the business was really her first priority.

Her honest answer was that the business was quite important but that spending time with her children while they were young was a higher priority.

With her priorities clear, Angela was able to revise her situation and define a goal that gave her more family time.

The result is that Angela now works less hours and is able to collect her children from school and nursery every day. On the whole, she’s now much happier in herself. Her business idea is still there but she is now content to leave making that happen until the time is right.

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*Names have been changed