Think Leicestershire members get free access to the Pro version of iCheev®, the online thinking tools from Go MAD.

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You can sign up for free at anytime at iCheev.com and when you join Think Leicestershire we will upgrade your account to Pro for free.


Achieve Goals

Use iCheev®‘s clever goal wizard to define clear SMART goals, in less than two minutes, which will give you clarity and focus about whatever you want to achieve. The easy to use thinking tools will then enable you to rapidly create robust plans that will increase your probability of success.

Stimulate Thinking

Take the difficulty out of idea generation by using iCheev® as your virtual coach to provide great questions, guidance and possibilities. You can gather lots of ideas quickly, stretch your thinking and engage your imagination with the range of creative thinking tools. Capture, organise and prioritise your thoughts in minutes.

Solve Problems

Turn problems into solutions by identifying the key issues and overcoming them by rapidly generating possible options to help you move forward. There is no need to ever remain stuck – use iCheev® to create breakthroughs.